Fergus Drennan is a wild food experimentalist and educator, runs regular full day total immersion foraging courses for the general public and privately, he has written regularly on wild food and foraging for BBC Countryfile Magazine, The Ecologist, Country Kitchen, Bushcraft and Survival Skills Magazine, as well as contributing and/or featuring in many other magazines including most national newspapers. In addition he made a TV programme, The Roadkill Chef, for Jamie Oliver’s production company, exploring some more extreme food alternatives. He regularly appears on radio and television talking about wild food. Currently he is researching wild food and foraging in all its multiple aspects as he prepares to spend a year living entirely on what he can forage: The Year-Long 100% Wild Food Experiment., and is raising funds to do this. He is seeking individual contributions and company sponsorship: http://www.indiegogo.com/one-year-total-wild-food
Not believing in the separation between life and play, hobbies and work, as well as the above, he likes to swim, run and cycle, think about and research environmental issues, play the violin, cook, work and play with plants and embrace the apparent random opportunities for work and play that come his way. Increasingly that has led to greater collaboration with others and more excursions into the realms of art, bushcraft, and an exploration of primitive and traditional nature based skills. Indeed, he has just embarked on a major two-year project with artist James wood to produce a unique wild food guide made entirely from foraged materials, paper from fungi pulp, text ink from fungal spores and oak apple extracts, and all illustration using paints, pigments and dyes all derived from pollen, fungi spores and other plant extracts: The Foraged Book Project.